Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, we present the following information:

Name of Company
Manager in Charge
Kentaro Nakayama
Email Address(Contact us)
If you contact us at the above email address, we will disclose our phone number without delay.
Selling Price
Noted separately on the sales page of each NFT item or Products. Unless otherwise indicated, prices shown includes consumption tax, import duties and shipping charges.
Expenses other than the Selling Price
Internet connection charges and other communication charges, transaction costs (GAS costs) for Ethereum transactions when purchasing NFT items, will be incurred separately and borne by the customer.
Time of Payment and Method
Payment shall be made when the customer purchases the NFT item, and by sending Ethereum to the smart contract of the NFT item.
Timing of Delivery
The NFT item will be promptly sent to the customer as soon as we complete the payment process with Ethereum. However, it may take time to send the NFT item due to the Ethereum network.
The delivery time of each product will be indicated on the sales page of each product. Orders may be delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other global situations.
Returns and Cancellations
We do not accept returns or refunds. Cancellations due to customer convenience are not accepted.
Other Conditions
Certain NFT items and Products are limited in quantity. Please refer to the sales page of each NFT item or Products.

The Terms and Conditions shall apply to all transactions made within this website. The Japanese Law shall apply to all transactions.