Beautiful objects inspire the beauty within us, and lead us to act with dignity and compassion.
Our souls are ignited and our actions reflect our inner beauty.


What EYEFUNNY Partners Aim for


The one and only EYEFUNNY NFT is available in limited quantities.
EYEFUNNY NFT itself enhances the value of ownership.


EYEFUNNY NFT ownership gives you priority access to EYEFUNNY projects and events.
We honor the value that comes from being part of our community members.


EYEFUNNY is working on a variety of projects in the fields of metaverse, jewelry, and art.
EYEFUNNY NFT’s ownership continues to expand the possibilities offered by various EYEFUNNY projects.


We at EYEFUNNY are passionate about everything we make.
We share that passion with our fans, and we look forward to building new partnerships with you.


EYEFUNNY, which was established by Mr. Kawamura,was incorporated in 2005 as EYEFUNNY Co,.Ltd.
The basic philosophy of EYEFUNNY is to create beautiful jewelry that touches people's hearts.
This is because we believe that such profound emotions create a cycle of happiness for people, thereby serving to perpetuate a peaceful world where everyone can share spiritual richness.
EYEFUNNY brings together high quality diamonds created by its partner company, Patsons India, with superior product quality backed by traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
The company is committed to creating first-class jewelry that combines outstanding materials with unsurpassed technology.


How many physical jewelry pieces will holders be able to receive?
Holders will be able to enter a raffle for the number of SMILEY_GOLD NFT they own.
In addition, those who own 3 or more SMILEY_GOLD NFT’s will automatically win an original jewelry piece.
In either case, a maximum of 1 jewelry piece will be drawn per wallet.
What is the design of the “physical jewelry piece”?
The design is to be decided at this time. However,
Jury Kawamura has talked about his ideas in the past AMA so please refer to the Japanese AMA article link below.
How and when will we be able to obtain the jewelry pieces?
Further updated details will be posted on our official website.
For more information, please check the Roadmap page on the website.
How will the raffle work?
A snapshot will be taken at a specified date and time which is to be decided.
Those who have the SMILEY_GOLD NFTs in their wallets at that time will be selected for the raffle.
Holders with 3 or more NFTs will automatically win a jewelry piece.
In addition, winners will be asked to fill out a form using PREMINT with the required information.
Details will be announced on the website at a later date.
Will holders that have received the airdrop also be enlisted in the raffle?
No. Wallet addresses that have been airdropped by EYEFUNNY are not eligible to win the jewelry.
However, holders that have purchased the NFT through secondary distribution of an originally airdropped NFT will be eligible.